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“I've had the pleasure of working with Opus Accountants for 3 years and can confidently say they are a top-notch accountant.

They consistently meet deadlines and turnaround tasks quickly, saving me valuable time, they provide clear explanations and keep me informed throughout the process. I always feel confident that I understand my financial situation. They go above and beyond to answer my questions, no matter how big or small.

Opus Accounting has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities specific to my industry, which is invaluable. They are always prompt in responding to emails and calls, ensuring I never feel left in the dark.

Overall, Opus Accounting is an excellent accountant who provides an exceptional service. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a reliable and knowledgeable professional.”

Carl Swaine

“Terry Keep and in turn Opus Accountancy have been helping my company for well over 15 years. They are a wingman to our business and the help, advice and guidance has been invaluable to aid our growth and success over the years. In my opinion there is no other alternative and I cant recommend Opus enough.”

Parachute Studios Ltd

“Terry and Louise have been absolutely marvellous since we joined them. They do our whole family accounts which are a bit tangled and complicated. They make recommendations and are always quick to respond and always keep in contact - just nice and to easy work with. Would recommend to anyone.”

Jan Dare

“Opus Accountants have been invaluable in facilitating the establishment and operational management of our company, Logoyo. As newcomers to the intricacies of business setup, my partner and I found ourselves in need of expert guidance. Terry and his proficient team at Opus have consistently provided comprehensive answers to our inquiries, thereby easing our transition into the entrepreneurial landscape.

One thing that particularly stands out is their remarkable responsiveness. 95% of the time there is a knowledgeable professional accessible to address our questions. On the rare occasions when immediate assistance is not available, we can trust in Opus to promptly return our calls. Their commitment to client satisfaction and efficiency is commendable and greatly appreciated, I would highly recommend Opus Accountants to any other businesses.”

James Thomas

“We moved to Opus Accountants 3 years ago and it was the best decision we made. Opus offer exceptional service. They are organised, efficient, professional and offer excellent advice. Nothing is ever too much trouble and they are always available to help. I would highly recommend Opus!”

Derek Wallis

“Opus have looked after my business accounts since they opened. They provide a great service which gives you confidence that they move with the times and give you the right guidance. Terry has a wonderful team and I must give a special mention to Tracy who looks after all my needs and always is so helpful.”

George Baker

“Opus have helped through the good and the bad times, offering keen advice when it is needed, and some great impartial advice when it comes to the tough decisions. A great, personal service.”

Newbury Building Services Ltd

“Opus have been for me the best accountants, over the last few years , they have been doing my accounts I can phone at any time or email and they will always reply maybe I am one of the small companies but they treat me the same as a big company.”

Alan Racey

“We have been using Opus for many years. They have given consistently excellent advise. They are very reactive and efficient. I would recommend highly.”

Paul Liss

“I set up my limited company with staff from Opus Accounting 10 years ago, and have stuck with the same team ever since. Reliable, thoughtful, professional advice and service, year after year.”

Claire Smith

“Always great service. Total professionalism and a pleasure to work with.”

Marie King