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  • Very reliable
    “Having worked with Grahame for a number of years at Vodafone, I always found him to be a very reliable, friendly and approachable colleague. A...
  • Very inspirational
    “Grahame was very inspirational in giving myself outside the box advice and focus for my business and personal goals which I have implemented...



“Having worked with Grahame for a number of years at Vodafone, I always found him to be a very reliable, friendly and approachable colleague. A highly organised and professional manager, who was greatly respected for his knowledge, drive and capability to resolve problems with creativity. Grahame is also one of the most effective people managers and leaders I have worked with, earning great respect by his honest and direct approach to supporting and leading his team. I could always rely on Grahame for good advice and an honest opinion on any subject or issue on which I sought his views.”

January 19, 2009 David Llewellyn, National Field Operations Manager , Vodafone worked with Grahame at Vodafone Limited


“Grahame has a great ability of applying his knowledge and techniques as a business coach and make it relevant to your own business irrespective of what line of work you do. I find Grahame very approachable and personable and would recommend his services to anyone looking to grow their business. Patrice Hume Proprietor Refresh Interiors (Kitchen Specialist)”

June 2, 2009 Top qualities: Personable , High Integrity , Creative Patrice Hume hired Grahame as a Business Consultant in 2008


“Grahame was very inspirational in giving myself outside the box advice and focus for my business and personal goals which I have implemented into my business and personal life”

October 21, 2009 Top qualities: Expert , Good Value , Creative Malcolm Kingham hired Grahame as a Career Coach in 2008 , and hired Grahame more than once


“Grahame is currently coaching a few of my new employee's to make sure they acheive their objectives and more. I also have sessions with Graham and find them to be very useful in helping me understand my own business objectives and stay focussed on them. Grahame is a great guy to work with and I can recommend him to anyone who is looking for corporate style coaching. Joe McBurnie CSI Managaing Director ”

January 30, 2009 Top qualities: Personable , Good Value , Creative Joe McBurnie hired Grahame as a Career Coach in 2008


“I have worked with Grahame on a coach/coachee basis and we have discussed some excellant ideas that I am now running with. A very friendly man who is easy to talk to and exchange ideas with.”

February 6, 2009 James Kirkman, Account Manager , Concurrent Systems Inc


To whom it may concern

I first started working with Nigel Coombs while he was at the firm that used to look after my accounting and tax affairs in 1997. I was only too pleased to move with him when he set up his own practice. I value his advice and like the fact that I can usually speak to him when I need to.

He has recently helped me by introducing me to a bookkeeper which considering I live in France was no mean feat. This may have detrimental to him in so far as he no longer spends so much time on my affairs but it has helped me by reducing my overall accounting costs and because the bookkeeper uses Sage, I can get management accounts whenever I need them.

Because of the level of service I have enjoyed over the last eleven years and the fact that the client comes first I would have no hesitation in recommending Nigel’s firm to other owner managed businesses

Paul Liss
Managing Director

Liss Fine Art Limited

To whom it may concern

Nigel Coombs has been helping with my business accounts and personal tax affairs for eight years now.

When I first met him he was working for a small practice in the West End of London. Apart from the owner of that practice he seemed to be the only accountant there who really understood how my business worked.

He always explains technical things to me in a way that I understand and will readily admit when he has made an error or doesn’t understand something himself. The most important thing to me, and many other small business owners, is the fact that when I need to speak to him I can usually get through.

Nigel has recently taken on a trainee who is maintaining the service standards that Nigel has set.

Consequently I would have no hesitation in recommending his services. Like most things these days you get what you pay for. Personally I think a professional, courteous service is worth paying for.

Yours faithfully

Rosanna Merrell
Wilson Stephens Fine Art

I have been in business just over a year, and like most new comers to owning a business, I felt entirely overcome by the accounts and tax system.

I spoke to Sharon as I was concerned about doing my bookkeeping and filing my tax assessment correctly. Sharon sat down with me and explained everything I could and could not do very clearly and succinctly (some information can take a while to sink in, Sharon was very patient!). Sharon was always on the end of the phone for the odd enquiry too.

I have to say that Sharon is always there 100% and will always find time to help. I am absolutely delighted and inspired by the support given to ensure my books are up to date and correct. I can only say to anyone who uses Johnson Bookkeeping services will be secure in the knowledge that their books are correct and should the need arise, Sharon is always there with a helping hand!

I love the professionalism of Sharon’s approach, being direct enough to advise the situation, but also being friendly and always approachable.

Thank you Sharon!

Best Wishes

Janet Gray

Gray’s Therapies

Dear Sharon

As you know my company, Acknowledge Resourcing Limited is a Technical Recruitment consultancy and we have offices in Hampshire, Kent, Shropshire and here in Newbury.

We have a large number of contractors who are paid weekly by PAYE or are part of a Limited company. The payroll process which takes place over 2 days is very important to us and we always pay our contractors on time. Unfortunately our new accountant decided to leave us without any notice on the first day of our payroll and I was left to see the process through with very little knowledge, Sage and payroll experience.

When I rand you, in a state of minor panic, you exuded calm and helpfulness that gave me the confidence to carry on. Despite having heavy work commitments of your own, you made time to come to see me offering valuable help and support. You showed me how to enter invoices on Sage and produce remittances. You also gave time to help me with the bank notifications and saved the day – both days! Our contractors were all paid correctly and on time and the shock of losing the responsible person did not affect the smooth running of our company.

I thank you very much for your time and reassurance. Your calm and capable manner did much to give me confidence to proceed and your thorough knowledge of Sage and payroll was invaluable. I have no doubts about recommending you and your company to anyone who wants to outsource their accounting function permanently – or in the short term.

Kind regards

Gilliam Johnson
Acknowledge Resourcing Limited

Dear Sharon

I just had to drop a quick note to say how much I have appreciated your support over the last year or so.

As finance professional I rely on my client’s transactions being processed accurately so that I can sensibly use the information to form the basis of my advice.

To the extent that I have questions it is also important that I am able to discuss them fully with the responsible person so that I can be as sure as possible that I am not mistaken in my conclusions.

Having the information reliably available at the end of each month so that I can schedule in the work and clients can be sure of receiving input on a timely basis is also crucial.

You have achieved all of these standards and I hope your clients appreciate the high degree of professionalism as much as I do.

Keep up the good work – I hope to continue working alongside you.

All the best

Caroline Billington

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